Copyright for Photographers

As a working photographer it is important to be aware of copyright laws as they relate to you and your work.

Here is a link to The Australian Copyright Council, a great resource for creators and users of copyrighted material.

This session we look at the issues related to copyright.

Did you know that if somebody commissions you to take portrait of them, they may own the copyright to that image?

Did you know you cannot copyright an idea?

Do you know if adding © to your images makes them copyright?

You can find lots of great information about copyright from the Copyright Council of Australia. Click here to go to their website.

Here is a fact sheet from the Copyright Council giving an introduction to the  Copyright Act in Australia.

Here is another fact sheet on Ownership of Copyright.

Please answer these questions about copyright and post your answers on your blog.

  1. The Copyright Act dates back to what year?
  2. What are some of the things that the Act protects?
  3. Generally speaking who is the owner of copyright?
  4. What are some of the exceptions?
  5. What is not protected by Copyright?
  6. What do you have to do to have copyright applied to your work?
  7. Should you use your business name in the Copyright notice you apply to your images or your own name? Why?
  8. How long does Copyright last? How has this changed between 2005 and now?
  9. If you were employed by a newspaper or magazine to produce images for publication, would you own copyright of the images you create?
  10. How old do you need to be to own copyright?
  11. You have been commissioned to take some family portraits for a client. Who owns the copyright to those images?
  12. If you place a copyright stamp on your photograph does that automatically mean you are the copyright owner?
  13. What do you understand copyright to mean?

Lets look at some special circumstances. 

You want to use somebody else’s images on your blog. Is that ok?

There are some special exemptions when it comes to using other peoples work (written or artistic). In the case of using photographs, there are some exemptions, known as Fair Dealing.

Here is an information sheet from the Copyright Council of Australia on Fair Dealing.

What does Fair Dealing mean?

What are some of the Fair Dealing exemptions that might apply to you and your blog?

Helpful links.

Copyright Council of Australia

Arts Law Centre of Australia