Is it ok for Me to Photograph You?

This week we look at the Rights of photographers to capture images of people.

Here is a great article by a Blue Mountains photographer and former Sydney solicitor Andrew Nemeth.

Andrew Nemeth talks about the lack of a right to privacy in this country and how this effects a persons ability to protect their ‘image’. There is discussion on when you as a photographer have a right to protect your images and when you must delete them. Further discussion about what is private and public space and how that effects your rights as a photographer.

This article makes for great discussion and should prompt answers to the following questions.

  1. Can you legally take photos of people in public?
  2. What restrictions, if any, are there to taking photographs of people in public?
  3. When can police stop you from taking photographs?
  4. Can you take photographs in Westfield or other shopping centers?
  5. Can you take pictures of your neighbour’s children playing in their front yard?
  6. What can you do with these images? Can you publish them?
  7. Can you take photographs on Sydney trains or train stations?
  8. Is Sydney Harbour Foreshore public land and can you take photographs there?
  9. What part of Lunar Park are you allowed to photograph?
  10. Can security guards force you to delete your files or hand over your memory card/film?
  11. When can you be forced to delete files?
  12. Do you require special permission to photograph children?
  13. What do you understand “Commercial Use” to mean?