Starting a Photography Business

There are specific steps you are required to take to establish your own photography business.

Not least of which is to register your business with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission ASIC.

Here you can register your business name.

Once you have your ABN and business name sorted you can secure a domain name for your business website.

To search for the availability of your website name try this search.

Now you have your ABN, registered your business name with ASIC and secured your domain name, you should think about a business plan. has many great resources for new businesses, including business plans, marketing and social media plans. There you can get info on intellectual property, tax and selling your work.

Jump over to the site for more info.

A business plan gives you the opportunity to examine your ideas and look at your competitors. You can then form some realistic plans about how you will develop your products and services to compete in the market. All of this is great for a new business as it creates a written document of your intentions and gives you something to work toward.

Exercise 4 – Having read through the above information and links, search for your proposed business name and domain name and report the availability or not of both.

Briefly describe the steps involved in establishing your own photography business. What do you need to do?