Online Presence for Photographers

Being a photographer affords us with a wealth of great content to share online – our own photos.

Look at the statistics for social media, particularly Facebook, and the posts with the greatest number of views and shares will have images or videos attached. As photographers we can take advantage of this and build a captive audience if we use social media strategically.

First we need to understand our audience, who they are, what they like to look at and when. We also need to know their demographic and interests.

If you are a wedding photographer then your ideal audience is somebody (probably the bride to be) aged 20-30, looking to organise her wedding. She wants to now she will look beautiful in her wedding photos and be photographed in beautiful locations and everything will be perfect and she won’t have a worry in the world on that special day!

How do you use social media and your online presence to show her that?

Here is a great resource from PhotoShelter, a US business specialising in websites for photographers and creative people. Link to

The photographers-guide-to-facebook provides lots of great information on Facebook for photographers.

Here are two photographers I think use their online presence really well. They use to build and maintain an audience, as well as increase their work opportunities through ‘sharing’.

Chris Crisman

Sue Bryce

Can you name two photographers whose work inspires you and who are using their online presence effectively?